May the tortoise be with you

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So this is my take on the "preloved" theme.
A certain someone wasn't using a certain helmet anymore so my tortoise friend decided to use it as a house!

A preloved item once used for evil now used for good! His friend is somewhat confused and surprised!

Thanks to Manos for the flash template and Sonmi and irOcko for the tee template.


Using the same tortoise in mirror image unfortunately flattens out any compositional interest. It's a time saver, but a design killer.

Kim Mak
Kim Mak profile pic Alumni


ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

gotta agree with zeropluslessthan here. even just moving one of the turtle's feet around a bit would have killed some of the monotony.

also maybe it's because i'm not a hardcore fan of star wars or anything, but i don't think i would have jumped to the conclusion that this was a parody without the title. i would have just been like, wow that guy has a shiny shell, and the other guy wants to know where he bought it or something.

but whatever, it's sure to score well because people like everything with a star wars reference.

CazKing profile pic Artist

zeropluslessthan - i hear what your saying totally but I have to disagree that using a mirror images is a design killer. Lot's of successful designs have mirror image and repetition but you're entitled to your opinion and I respect that.
Ginetteginette, I hear you too - hopefully most people will realise it is darth vaders helmet - i didnt want to make it too obvious because I was unsure of copyright issues.
thanks for the comments though - i appreciate it!

CazKing profile pic Artist

6 more days....

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

this is so fun!!!!! awesomeeee!!!!$

alexmdc profile pic Staff
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awesome work, the placement of the leg is a bit bad tho it sorta looks like a peepee ;)


without the title, I doubt people will get it's Darth helmet.
back leg and tail blending together looks kinda weird too


and yeah i agree with other comments: people won't get this is darth helmet without the title

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yup, really looks nothing like Darth's helmet....maybe getting a light saber in there somewhere would help the concept ride a little better?

CazKing profile pic Artist

Alex! ok it does look a bit like a peepee!
Man, i thought more people would get that it was darth's helmet! Oh well, thanks for all the comments anyways. :)


I dunno... I'm not a huge starwars fan and knew what the helmet was. I'm in slight agreement with the mirrored design thing, mostly in that the turtles have nearly the same expressions... doesn't fit with the one saying "WTF?" to me.

ma kettle

If you've seen a Star Wars movie you know the helmet! Good work!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i see darths helmet
it is cool!

CazKing profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments people! :)


Really cool idea. Great! What method do you use to create your designs?

badbasilisk profile pic Alumni

sweet concept!

CazKing profile pic Artist

Bootzilla I use a combination of illustrator and freehand.

CazKing profile pic Artist

^hmm - not sure what your trying to say here??
3 more days....

CazKing profile pic Artist

2 more days....

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

hilarious idea but yea i agree with copying the same turtle.. but it made me laugh either way

CazKing profile pic Artist

thanks Charity and Jay!
1 more day to go....

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