May cause brain damage

Design by secretly robots

May cause brain damage by secretly robots on Threadless
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does the marker say sharpie? it looks like snappy


This is cool, think I would like it about half the size on the shirt, though.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

sweeet, I love this one.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

a little smaller and on slate would look nice.

i love sharpies... for various reasons.



This looks REALLY good on dark grey with red-orange ink (I saved the design and accidentally turned it negative).


arn't sharpies non-toxic though?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'd LOVE for a little more transition from the Sharpie's (oh sorry, SNAPPY lol) hallucenigenic fumes to the sky high balloon ride. I guess more swirling colors or figures would ruin the arrangement, but i still love this concept having experienced it many times in my life..probably a bit too many. Oh, you also need to do one with a child standing alongside their parents as they pump gasoline and snarffing the fumes down! Was this just me too...?


I love Sharpies, and this is a very cute idea... the perspective on the Sharpie doesn't seem right, though. (Though I suppose that could be intentional as part of the warped tasty-marker-smell-induced viewpoint.)

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