Maxim's 100 Hot-Spot Twister Game

Design by gizo

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Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

The topless character will probably keep this from being printed, but I think it's a funny idea, and a very innovative use of color. But what's up with the leaves?

gizo profile pic Artist

it ain't topless there. thats just a small shirt... apreciate your comments...


thats the biggest twister 'board' i've ever seen.

and you can't really tell theres a shirt on the blue one. i think its all a little hard to see. the lines that draw the girls are so thin and hard to see compared with the spots.

gizo profile pic Artist

so leave it topless... htas topless... who do not love topless? hooray!


omg lyke MEMORIES

I really enjoy this, I give it a 4 for reasons unknown to me.

gizo profile pic Artist

come on guys whats up with the leaves! ? they are playing outdoor! ... ha funny.

gizo profile pic Artist

apreciate your comments! ^_^

gizo profile pic Artist

its just about the concept... isnt that the 100 hot maxim girls contest? what about the 100 hot-spots twister? ha? duh..

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