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Santo76 profile pic Alumni

How is this supposed to happen in a real tee?

bonybunz profile pic Artist

i was dreaming about people walking on their hands but i decided to make it in the usual front/back way

as you can see (or maybe it is not clear enough) the skull part is the back

hope you like it

Li Ca



nice illustration. i like it.
Please check out my slogans if you get the chance.

bonybunz profile pic Artist

thank you eveyone
i'm so pleased you enjoy it !!

bonybunz profile pic Artist

i'm very divided about the placement, all the critiques i get (on the site and by my friends etc.) were different about this question so i tried to make the best choice (some of my friends asked me about dark grey tshirt instead of white and it was also a good idea, but i got to make choice, hope i did the best and everyone will enjoy)

i want to thank all of you again, cheers !

bonybunz profile pic Artist

Alright, scoring is nearly finished so i just want to thank all the people that score this tshirt (and the few ones that are still scoring) : whenever the score you gave thank you for your attention !

cheers !

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