masters of camouflage

Design by zipperking

masters of camouflage by zipperking on Threadless
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Not a huge fan of the ninja stuff but this is well done.

zipperking profile pic Artist

yes but the point of the shirt is that the white ninja is completely obvious, just with his hands covering his eyes.


Maybe on a lighter colour... not white, not cream, but... lighter.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

hmm. maybe the light grey would be a nice shirt color (i think its ash)?

not bad, took me a while to get it.


i love it. I wish it were on a blue shirt though. 5


I think it looks great on red, but maybe a bright blue would work better. I don't like any of the other colors.


different color shirt... those colors just don't match the design i think

zipperking profile pic Artist

okay after reading some of these comments I have to think the idea that i was trying to express did not go over as planned. there is nothing sneaky about the white ninja. he is suppose to stick out like a sore thumb. the only reason they can't see him is because he has his eyes covered., you know the childhood thought process of....if i can't see you, you can't see me." well anyways, have a good day.


hahah i love every detail of this one!
reminded me of one of the new Family guy's when stewie is talking to peter and peter keeps "leaving" in the middle of stewie's sentences hah
job well done

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