Mass Media Poisoning

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Mass Media Poisoning by johnnyportrait on Threadless
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Mass media such as television, radio, advertisement and the internet all affect us in one way or another. It's a kind of poison that tells us what we should eat, buy, watch, how we should look, where to go and what to do. People who aren't strong enough to endure the poison can be completely consumed by it. .. heart and mind.rnrnThe reason I chose a poison bottle is because the bottle represents the mass media in all branches. I didnt want to clutter up the upper portion of this piece with too many items. For instance, I could have put a tv, a radio, a computer and a phone but that would have only given credit to one branch of the M.M. . I also wanted this piece to be a little more subtle. Let people think a little and form their own conclusions on what the piece itself represents.rnrnThe outline of this print is obviously black so in order for the outline not to blend in with the shirt I did not choose that color. The shades of grey are a little too bland. Red would have been a horrible choice for the simple fact that from far away it would most likely look like a Christmas shirt (Red, white and green). I chose turquoise because it's a little on the blue side and the green still pops out,


I really like the style still don't see the media reference but nonetheless great work

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did you read my comment? :/

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love the color scheme

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Interesting! Crazy color choices! Nice!


I agree with your description of leaving out the additional info. Great idea and overall design!


Very Cool

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