Mars Attacks, Part Deux!

Design by brightblack

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Haha, like it. Good work.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I've seen a political cartoon in the paper a while back that looked very similar to this...

tomburns profile pic Alumni

i was in a band that had a song called bright black nothing, thats way off the point, but i saw your name.
3 good idea

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

when I zoomed in, I could see it and I had to laugh! Nice joke!

westborn profile pic Alumni

there was a printer commercial a few years ago with the same joke...


I hope this gets printed, its so good. $5


ugh who cares.. its original leave it alone

i love it and the color scheme



I love it! $5

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

Most of the designs on here are ripped off from one thing or another, but this one is blatantly ripped off of a tv ad over here in Australia a few years ago. Should at least give some props to the ad or something.

brightblack profile pic Artist

Thank you for the feedback everyone.

Due to the number of comments saying that they had seen this before, I did my own internet search. This is what I found:

I think it is a printer ad from australia?
Sorry if it looks too similar but I've never been to australia, much less watched their TV ads.
I couldn’t find any political cartoons that were all that similar.

I had never seen this concept on a shirt, so I thought I’d draw out a funny cartoon. Any similarities to that ad are purely coincidental.

The cartoon style was done deliberately – that was the effect I was going for. Yay! For hand-drawn! :P

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