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the Dad has "mom" jeans


kick ass!


So great. 5$.


i laughed.

crudely hand-drawn figures.



ahahaha someone suggested "heck"
that would be hilarious.

i like the red-ball-moon-mars and the yellow shirt.
i like everythign aside from the censored fuck, basically.



The Fxxx grew on me. I really don't like people who wear shirts that say "fuck" just to show how XxhardcorexuncensoredxX they are. The colors are great, and the text made me lol. Great shirt.


...and why is the shirt called "mars"? ...what am i missing???

kooky love
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So...Mars will be gay's planet! LOL.
I don't care with F or FU* orFUC orFUCK or*.

MARS is the gay's planet.


Only in America would someone suggest "heck".

If some random schmoe came up to you and put his arm around you and calle d you "son", would you say "who the heck are you?"

No. It'd be "Fuck off, stop fucking touching me!"

I like the shirt. Decensor it, I say. 5.


I don't want actual profanity on my shirt, but heck would be stupid too. This is pretty funny to me, but I would only want it with "who the #&@% are you?" or whatever symbols to replace the f***


Heh, I'd wear it with heck. If it had fuck then I wouldn't be able to wear it at school. :( and thats no fun. So, heck or symbols like rrich76 said and its a buy.


Are you his mom? I think Dylan expected nitpicking when he submitted, and can probably handle it just fine.

chemi hydro

I'd like it to say who the SHIT are you. I don't know why. Fuck the drama, make the shirts how you like. I like the idea of having crude drawings standing near my wiener.


This sxxxs


That's gonna be weird placement on a shirt -- it'll look like they're standing in your crotch.

And if you're gonna shy away from swearing on a shirt, go with f&@k rather than fxxx.


you either love this. or you hate it.

and i really dont know which i feel about this shirt.


man. this shirt is great. stupid voters.

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