Marry Annette

Design by eskimokiss

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wicked idea


browns good!

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments so far...

When I imported the image to flash it cut out a bit of the design (the strings that are attached to the marionette) so you can see the design in detail at:

As to the escher comparisons: This design is based on another idea/design that I'd developed before this one, which in itself is inspired by the 'Drawing Hands' lithograph. I'll be submitting that design shortly and you'll see the similarity.

I thought most people would get the idea behind the design, but it seems some don't understand the significance of the flipped shadow. The idea I'm toying with is how in todays world, it seems increasingly harder to control your own life and destiny. Sometimes you invisage how you want things/events in your life to turn out, yet they end up the complete opposite.


i love this.5


very nice indeed. when i first glanced, i thought the shadow was a plane, implying the obvious politcal theme. now i've read the explanation i like it even more.

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