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Mario Cart by TeoZ on Threadless
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TeoZ profile pic Artist

8 Colors on Eggplant

wallstreet profile pic Alumni

Haha! :D

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

This is great!

YaaH profile pic Alumni

5 buy as a tee and as a print.
And my birthday cake is for you too ;D


Mario Bros kah???

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, funny idea here, i like the princess knitting and donkey kong dropping the ol' banana slip-up defense behind him, but i think the joke and concept would translate a lot better if you had at least one more cart that maybe got slipped up by the banana or is in the background taking turtle shells off a naked turtle or etc to make the concept mesh better with the word pun. Good luck!


i like the idea but the color is a bit off for me. maybe the shirt color.

Mad Cotton

Cool Concept

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