Mapple VS apy

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Mapple VS apy


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good luck apy and mapple ;-) 5$


why is it yellow? whines I love the design, its ever so adorable! But yes, not on yellow. 5.


very cute, but have to agree yellow is just not good. 5 and a $ if on a different colour.


I have to agree with E190 its cute but the yellow is ugh. I would buy it.


Very nice, but not yellow.


I adore this shirt! I hope it gets made.


great characters! Would be better on a light blue or gray. If you went with a yellow, you need to make the characters more heavily drawn so they stand out. I heart this though 5$

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les gars: juste un conseil, j'ai remarqué pour une raison qui m'échappe, mais peu importe, que la couleur "gold" ne plait pas du tout mais alors pas du tout aux internautes de threadless, donc, pour la prochaine, faite gaffe à choisir une autre couleur ou des déclis incorporées direct dans l'apercu. voili voilou


LOVE LOVE LOVE the design but if its on yellow i shall shun u 5$ for now


that's awesome, i'd buy on a red or blue!


this would be GREAT on any shade of blue.. i'm not particularly fond of the gold.

but still, a great & adorable design.. $5


cute! I like the characters and that the whole thing isn't too cutsy!

leasha peasha poo

Absolutly love the design. Its funny and eye catching bu8t I am not so in love with that color. I dont think i could buy this shirt if it was that yellow. otherwise very nice!


Love the design but I dunno about the background color since i don't like the color on me. :\ Something away from the yellow spectrum of the rainbow? But other than that, I'd definitely buy it!

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mapple et apy: BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! je suis trés content pour vous, ca doit faire fichtrement trop plaisir (et toi apy, tu vas devenir un incontournable ici si ca continue)

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super bravo mapomme d'api)

a thing for me

its great - also in yellow.
but please help me with the size: which size is the girl on the picture wearing?

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