Maple Walnut

Design by Rock Deputy

Maple Walnut



It's really purrdy and reminds me of Autumn, which is, perhaps, my favorite season:)

arzie13 profile pic Alumni

Rockin Colors.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

yeah, great design and presentation. well done.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i love the simplicity of it really is awesome


If I had to think realistically, I'd have to say that the wraparound graphic won't do well, but personally I'm hoping this is printed.


i love it but no more natural please another color 5 money

Bob Wobbaz

This is very pretty, top stuff. Would look great with my brown jeans and dufflecoat!


I love trees. $5


...Leaves make me happy. ^^

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is really nice, RD.
Simple & classy.

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Artist

I agree.. it would have been nice to add a leaf or two to the back-top-right shoulder... but this shirt would be difficult enough to print as it is... the extra leaves would make it un-submittable.


i remember this shirt it was one of the first shirts i saw when i joined threadless....i love it its just a nice shirt theres not supposed to be anything to get good job :)

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