Man Eater

Design by finkenstein

Man Eater by finkenstein on Threadless
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Congrats, you just made my design of the month list! This would look great in brown or pacific blue (I think that's what it's called).

Ava Adore

nice illustration


Awesome design! Prolly not something that I would wear. :)


favorite of your subs so far, nice work


swamp thing camel toe!?


damn you dymod, you and your damn milk coming out of my nose comment, now I gotta get up and clean off this keyboard.

Insane shirt though


HAH! Nice.

I adore this illustration. I think it's missing something, though. Add a bit of a background, maybe, so she's not just floating in space? I just really quickly I threw this together to show my idea, hope you don't mind:
Except you should probably add an umbrella in the sand somewhere behind her, or a sand castle, or something to show that she's on the beach.

I also think you need to accentuate her crotch not so much. It kinda looks like a bulge that doesn't belong on a lady-fish. Her butt being so defined also looks a bit funny.

Sorry I got a bit critical there, but I really would like to see this printed, so I want to offer as much constructive critism as possible.

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