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This looks great. haha! Love it. :D





Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

really really great work, but I am struggling to see the 'WEST' in this also.


Awesome definitely! Like a scene in a film!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Spoiler blog material


Good job! I love the colors you used. I must have one!

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

so cool

robbielee profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments!

@ Mr. Rocks, glad you like it.

Yeah, I should have explained the idea of how the design relates to opposite concepts (remember- the concepts don't necessarily need to be "East" and "West"). Here goes: This design features a distant, inorganic, high-tech, colossus with atmospheric half tones in the background. But the foreground's mother and child are nearby, low-tech (sword), relatively tiny (the size of the bot's sliced off finger nubs), and treated with bolder strokes, thick outlines and zero half tones. There's also a protector/destroyer theme, too. The Japanese and English text (both read "mama") are also a nod to the theme.

Remember, the contest theme doesn't necessarily require EAST and WEST per se, as much as it does the use of two opposite techniques, concepts, etc.

OK, thanks again everyone for the great comments!




Mama kicks ass $5


this kicks so much ass!

walmazan profile pic Alumni

Wow!!! $5

campkatie profile pic Alumni

wonderful illustration


Epic! I love the purple version


Brilliant rendering, Mr Lee!


Most excellent! $5 here for a Robbie Lee 'bot!

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Awesome work!!


She's fierce! Love this design! $5


Amazing illustration, love it!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

I appreciate your time to explain. I see your point, and your concepts are great and make perfect sense. My personal feeling is by neglecting the WEST part of the brief, and haviong an over powering amount of 'East' in your subject matter, your juxtapositions are getting lost. I know it didn't HAVE to be literally east meets west, but your design is so heavy 'Eastern', I can't help think 'ok..but where's the WEST influence. It's like you literally interuted 50% of the brief. IMHO this has eclipsed the conflicts you mention above. Does this make sense?

As with all your work, it's class, and I still gave it a 5. :)

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

..and that was supposed to say 'interpreted'.. :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Funny, I immediately felt the style of the robot and the progressive notion of a female Samarai (not to mention the idea of bringing you kid to work day!) reflecting the Western portion of the East meets West concept of this design.

To each their own, but i think this is by far one of the best concepts of the contest, from the colors all the way down to the wounded robot in the distance rising up up up.


Johan Madera

Good feelings behind this

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