Making a desire

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Making a desire by licinho on Threadless
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I love the hourglass the way it is - I'd prefer the women to become more stylised instead :-) Great colors.


I don't quite get it (maybe that's good thing), but it's very nicely done.

@amalgamated: I had the exact same thought...and it is true, they do.


You and your skulls...
I'd buy it, but it feels too depressive.

Usando tradutor online? =P


mas é cara... 'until'? hehehe!

And worry not, I hardly like a design that is not somehow witty or extremely beautiful.

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peacefreak99 on Sep 16 '07
i dont know if anyone has said it yet. but it seems a bit half assed that the top of the hour class is just a reflection of the bottom. that stands out to me the most and makes this look armature. im not saying you are armature but this looks it.

It makes total sense that it's a reflection. That's what makes a good hourglass, that the top and bottom are symmetrical. I think if it were to distinct skulls, you'd lose the unity of the hourglass and see...well, two distinct skulls.


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