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So cool!

jasmintee profile pic Alumni



As a designer, I really like the concept, but I think why it's not faring so well is due to the lack of tool variety. Also, execution.

For instance, there's about 8 markers, 14 pens, 5 pencils, 3 gouache, random other tools and no paintbrush. 'MAKE SOME MAGIC" would otherwise not be possible without a paintbrush.

Also, the fork, spoon, thread & needle, stapler and tape measure seem out of place.

90% of the tools shown are design related.

The rest: • Tape Measure: Construction related. • Tape (though often used when designing) and Stapler: Office related. • Thread & Needle: Sewing; Craft related. • Utensils: Cooking related.

It'd be nice to see more 'simple' tools and less repetitive ones to show how else magic can be achieved.

OR to see it kept purely design related by eliminating the tools that seem out of place and adding in things like a paintbrush, pastels, crayons, conte, a triangle, T-Square etc.

Also, you could try using the tools in a way that illustrates the 'magic' that comes from simple tools + simple ideas.

Great concept though. I love tees that encourages art and creativity. :)


AmazInG concept :D YAAAY, art wins alll :D

darel profile pic Artist

flutterz, not too sure if you're ever going to see this, but I really appreciate you taking the time to give your thoughts on this.

I just realised that I forgot to add the rest of the paintbrushes in! I had two more that must have gone missing along the way, but there's still a paintbrush inside, perhaps it wasn't clear enough. There's quite a selection of tools though, unfortunately many of them blend into the standard pencil or marker model when rendered this way.

As this was a 'personal' tee, it wasn't so much showing a variety of design tools as much as laying out what I own and use for my work, hence the design bias. The fork and spoon though, well that was more a joke I guess, it's hard to work on an empty stomach!

Thanks so much for the suggestions, I doubt it's going anywhere else in its current form so I'll definitely be reworking it with some of the ideas you've so generously shared.


ah the all important tape, i couldnt do anything without it. like the fork and spoon,very clever.



No probs, I'm glad I can be of assistance!

After reading your follow-up, and seeing it as more of a personal tee, I can relate much better with the design.

When I first looked at your design I read, 'MAKE SOME MAGIC' and in your 'About my design' blurb, 'simple tools + simple ideas = MAGIC!' and I think now, that it was the wording that was out of place. It didn't sell 'you' because the words and the concept were selling two ideas that were alike, but different. If that makes sense, lol.

Better put: 'You' and design don't equal simple - which is clear by the 14 pens. lol.

With a greater understanding behind your concept, still try to keep in mind that shirts sell if others can also relate and not just the tools that you work with. Given the design bias (which I'm totally for), the 8 markers, 14 pens, 5 pencils, 3 gouache etc are now very much necessary, lol. Throw in some extras for good measure, ha! I see a cutter, but I'd personally add a precise looking exacto, a few of the other items I mentioned above - maybe even an airbrush? or a computer mouse? I'd toss the stapler as it doesn't scream design. The thread is iffy, unless it's there to stitch up a design related injury, ha!

And keep the fork and spoon - I like them! With the wording as is, they seem out of place but when just looking at the design and capturing it from a designer's perspective, it's fitting. Maybe stretch the idea and throw in a coffee, maybe some Tylenol, a bandaid, lol. :P

Best of luck! :)

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