make polluters pay

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make polluters pay by se5k on Threadless
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I've actaully pondered this very thing before... since the ol cars produce more pollution... and all and I always see hippies in old cars...

but on the other hand... the old split screen buses kick ass...

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Make polluters pay? And yet the hippie van is doing it's part? Message is really confusing.


maybe you should hav the smoke coming out of the windows lol


Great design showing the
hypocrisy of some hippies.

If you judge others about pollution,
make sure you get the log out of your
own eye before you try to take the speck
out of the eyes of others. The Amish are
proof that those who want to live without
the internal combustible engine can do so.
So those yelling about pollution should let
their feet walk as much as their mouths talk.

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