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Design by Brat Worst

Make mine a 6 pack by Brat Worst on Threadless
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nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Strange theory. ^^ The fish by itself is great, don't need the rings. I think it would be cool on red.


love side placement and on green ^_^


i always cut or rip apart the plastic rings (with my super strength) just to save fish! I've been doing this for years... and I'm in the US =] I think it would be funny to see a shirt with a school of six fish swimming in a plastic thing... all stuck together.. but swimming just fine... maybe that's just me


Love the blue one, in the middle, preferably without the rings!


it has to have the rings! Did take me a bit to figure out that the antenna coming out his head were the tank valves, but I am pretty hosed, so what do you expect? Great design, and big fan of the center blue...


Keep the rings, or it loses the environmental message. Great artwork.


that'll be norm's (or was it cliff's) buffalo theory, from cheers, then?

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