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Raid71 profile pic Alumni

I like this $5 ... good idea


This is not kinda cool, it's VERY cool! 5$


looks great on the shirt.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Beauty. 5$

little g
little g profile pic Alumni

fantastic $5

yeohgh profile pic Artist

thanks everyone for the support and love the design,,,,,great!!!!LOVE & cheers


cool, love your edges and color choices esp.


perfect colors $5

yeohgh profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comment and i hope this get printed too!! and pls go to see my other design as well and tell me what do you think!!!Finding Rhinoceros cheeers!!

yeohgh profile pic Artist

when i did this design, i was thinking 'Deer' is an old thing as well, but then, i tried to change to other animal,,,then back again, hmm Deer still not a bad idea, and it look refreshing and may be I call it 'REBORN',,I loving it and i happy u guys LOVE it as well!!! cheers!! :D


love the color!!! great match!!!


i love it!!!!!!

yeohgh profile pic Artist

the concept of painting a deer - is to metaphor - allow deer visible in our forest. To maintain deer visibility, hunting should be minimized or possibly excluded, so deer will not perceive humans as a threat and hide. Allow us to enjoy and seeing them in our forest.


ON natural
1. it is a cool shirt color period
2. concept is of painting canvas is white or natural color
3. it would simply look smashing on white or natural


Accidental Amusement
Accidental Amusement profile pic Alumni

Wow, great work. Love the design and the color scheme. :)

yeohgh profile pic Artist

hi craziemutant,,,i tried to design the 'blue' straight before, or at least create as a ground, after few process, the round shape turn out to be go well as a complete set..btw, thanks for your suggestion and support!! cool!


I like it a lot! Especially how the deer stands out.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni
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nice color and design.
good concept.
brilliant idea!



yeohgh profile pic Artist

Thanks you all for the support and nice comments, feel free to give comments for my other design,,,two more days to go, I bet u guys will love it too!!! check it out!!

yeohgh profile pic Artist

right here!! cheersss!!

yeohgh profile pic Artist

Thank everyone for the comments~~ this is great to know u guys love them~~~


um did the comments derail reality?

yeohgh profile pic Artist

i hope this one doing well too and thanks again for all your support!! this really make my day!!!

yeohgh profile pic Artist

icarnt spe. thanks for your kindly support!! cheers


this only got 2.55????? i can't believe it! I was almost certain it was gonna get higher than that! this makes me mad...


Great concept ..sooo cool

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