Magritte Pipe Dream

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Magritte Pipe Dream by in vino veritas on Threadless
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slaterock profile pic Alumni

no................................ it's been done 8 billion times. Nice pipe though.

Big Ed

I agree, it's clever, but I immediatey thought of the nintendo sub from a while back.


genee did it so much better.. . but i'm sure you didn't know about hers, so nobody should be mad. . .


For those who are unfamiliar with the source behind in vino veritas' design click on this -- The Treachery Of Images

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

I didn't want to vote until I understood. I wish I did BEFORE I read the wikipedia article...then I could say I was smart! Great concept, 5

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

Apparently someone else did this, but I haven't seen it


why is everyone repeating the same thing?

in vino veritas
in vino veritas profile pic Artist

So I'm guessing it's been done before? :)

Oh well, never mind. The Mario one was submitted in June, is now out of print and I only joined recently so I hadn't seen it. So Fern Frond, yes I came up with it on my own.

Better luck next time! Thanks for all your comments :)


good idea, unfortunately as you know it's a popular one. but hey if yours was around first i'd give it a $5 cause i love that painting.


"Ceci n'est pas une pipe" not only refers to the actual pipe that you smoke, but also to oral s*x. Being a Frenchman, I don't think this could pass off as anything on this side of the pond.
But, hell, nice idea man!


Ouch people are being mean. Don't worry about it, it was obviously an oversight. Keep submitting!

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