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Magically Disqualified

Design by SteveOramA

Magically Disqualified by SteveOramA on Threadless
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SteveOramA profile pic Artist

We all know the old story about the tortoise and the hare. What we don't know is that the race officials changed the facts about how the hare really lost. Back then magic was thought to be evil and forbidden so they didn't want the public to know the truth.

This design shows what really went down and how the hare was disqualified from winning the race.

This is also my first ever attempt at halftones! Constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

hahaha awesome

ndikol profile pic Alumni

nice idea :D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

ehehe, I like the concept, but it kinda looks like the hare is leaving a bathroom break inside the tophat.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

just have the hare coming out of a hole in the ground cheating

SteveOramA profile pic Artist

too funny FA! not intended. he's jumping out and then pausing to see where the tortoise is.

good idea soloyo but that would defeat the purpose of mixing magic into the well known story.

thanks guys!




lol at the rabbit taking a magical dump in the hat, I like this idea

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