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KeepitGangsta profile pic Artist

Turns out people frown upon the use of horse bi-products to produce glue. So the big glue companies have turned to harvesting little girls dreams. The plus side is the glue holds like magic!

KeepitGangsta profile pic Artist

I appreciate some suggestions also, I don't feel like this has a 'done' quality.

moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

I think simple designs are absolutely fine. The only thing I would say is that the yellow shape doesn't look very considered, and as such looks a little awkward on the tee. Cool design though!


agree with moulin bleu but like it though

KeepitGangsta profile pic Artist

I wonder if I can alter the design before the final submission if it gets voted high enough to print. I agree I about the background too, it was just too empty without anything...

ndanzi profile pic Alumni

hahaha, nice!


I think it is good to have a background, and the yellow is fine. Maybe just another shape?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree, the only thing this needs to ditch is the yellow background or re-shape it like a big star or something.

Because the rest of this design is absolute brilliance.

YaaH profile pic Alumni


soloyo profile pic Alumni

Place the 25% more sticker on the bottle

KeepitGangsta profile pic Artist

Yaah, I never know if what you're saying is good or bad hahahaha.

so thank you, or be nice. :P

Zombie Abe Lincoln

I really like your designs and your style. I hope one of your submissions gets printed.

KeepitGangsta profile pic Artist

thank you, hopefully more than one :)


I thought this was unicorn-free...PETA is watching you.


I love the idea, but the poor quality turns me off. If you could make it a little more refined?


hah nice job ma dude

Stereomode profile pic Alumni

ahaha nice!

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