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Hi my name is

this is def. one of favs. that you've done. 5


Nice design !! $5

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

This came out very good. Its your best sub!

Hi my name is

I wish threadless would only allow you to comment if you have at least 1 or maybe 2 designs that you've done here. Because lets face it their are a lot of haters who don't even have a thing posted.


$5 - supa sweet :)


damm..... it took so long... but now we something to apreciate!

Yeah... here's our champion so far! auehaueh

like it. 5


I wasn't sure about it in the critiques but didn't have any suggestions. Now that I see it again I really like it. Nice job!

Hi my name is

I can't believe this only got a 1.62, I was guessing a 2.5 to 3


damn...I didn't realize this scored so low... WTF?
You so deserved WAY higher.
I had to tell myself that just cuz threadless didn't like my design, does NOT mean it's not good. Don't feel to bad, your design is hot!

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