Madame Fortune Cookie Tragic Omen

Design by Tony Centeno

Madame Fortune Cookie Tragic Omen by Tony Centeno on Threadless
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Tony Centeno
Tony Centeno profile pic Artist

Madame Fortune knew this day would come, where the milk tarot card of Death would rear its soggy, vengeful face. Of course she knew, she's psychic! The gypsy cookie hadn't anticipated what kind of crumbly character she would have to relay this dire prediction to, let alone a kindly looking gingerbread gentleman with a heart as sweet as the icing on his aged body. As the tipped-over candle in the corner of her tent shows, the end for both of them might be even sooner than the Madame realizes! Tony Centeno and soloyo can't predict your future, but they hope it includes a chuckle and a 5$ for this collab!

Ps: Special thanks to FriCKinawesome to write this magical introduction

Process Blog

Close up

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ben chen
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soloyo profile pic Alumni

Thanks Tony, Amazing details and illustration for my silly idea.

Tony Centeno
Tony Centeno profile pic Artist

Thank you very much Guys and Gals!!!

@Soloyo: It's been a real pleasure to make this crazy idea of yours, thanks for giving me this opportunity .....

Thanks again !!!! it´´s Up!!!

mismonaut profile pic Alumni

You clearly put a ton of thought and detail into this.

I feel kind of bad that it took me a third look before I realised that it was a fortune cookie and a gingerbread man—I guess I lost the joke in all the detail.

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

it took me a third look before I realised that it was a fortune cookie and a gingerbread man—I guess I lost the joke in all the detail.

Great illustration, but she doesn't look like a fortune cookie to me.

rompetelcuero profile pic Alumni

amazing collad, great illustration and details!

Tony Centeno
Tony Centeno profile pic Artist

HEy guys! Actually I must admit that if a little hard to see the fortune cookie, but is due to some characteristic of the drawing itself, in this particular design .... I think without all the scene around the idea would be more difficult to understand (personally wanted to convey the feeling of being in the tent of a Fortune Teller), although the player may have become recognizable all should, so we tried to insinuate their appearance, but to do a cookie very explicit, and also so we can focus on the costumes of both characters .... to try to make them look more human, and while the situation is more dramatic ....

I hope the online translator has translated the text well;) .... and thanks again!


This work is amazing! 5$

DCASTELLO profile pic Alumni

The level of detail enhances the design greatly. Great work Tony, again: D

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

this is pure genius! I was amazed in your process blog how much the loving details make the piece!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Like many have said, it's a bit tough to see the fortune cookie at first, and that's the only issue I have with an otherwise outstanding collab....the details are so much fun and the crystal ball newspaper line mirroring the candle on the other side is just good good goodness dudes. Great story told here.


wow!! it's up for scoring~ i love this design so much!! 5!!


Love it!


I love your style tony, and the concept is just fantastic. A great collab between two very talented artists!


Brilliant, work! I love that the cookies are of Asian ethnicity -- quite appropriate! The illustration is wonderful! Great!

Tony Centeno
Tony Centeno profile pic Artist

Boys and Girls Thank you so much for your great compliments!! indeed, despite the score, I'm super happy with the finished drawing ....

Tunderous just try not to rush, be very patient and know that when I start the color, I have still many days ahead until the last detail of the drawing this to my liking ... even when the computer suffers a lot, I noticed the poor, there comes a time when so many thousands of strokes in illustrator who becomes a little shaky ....

Thanks again peeps!


Absolutely awesome, as always. Without words... $5.


fun stuff! :)


Great work Soloyo and Tony. I completely agree with Tunderous btw! 5

Plu Shu

just a little bit illegible, but that's what comes with great detail! Very good work

Gar0 profile pic Alumni

awesome illo

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys and girls!


Amazing illo, full of little fun details and full of win.

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Great collab.!!!5$

mark722 profile pic Alumni

OH CRAP! awesome work dudes 5$


Looks great, dudes.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Epic rendering skills of death!



cooljohnny profile pic Alumni

so beatiful! 5$!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Centeno
Tony Centeno profile pic Artist

Thank you very much Peeps!!! I think we have a good score, maybe in the future we have a remake to see what happens (if you want )..... Soloy with the characters more defined .....


Great collab, you two! I expect more subs from you guys in the future!!


fantastic illustration!!!. is this in adobe illustrator?

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