Machine Nectarine

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Machine Nectarine by Ste7en on Threadless
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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

ste7en I think this is teh best thing youve done so far

staffell profile pic Alumni

It's nice, but I'd prefer it if:

a)the cogs fitted properly, and

b) the leaves looked more realistic - perhaps reduce the line weighting?


I agree with the gears, leaves, and the name. Did you mean tangerine? A nectarine is like a peach. And I'd prefer the seeds not-evenly spaced.(But I do really like it!)


great job Ste7en 5


I love the design! The text -looks- good with the image, but the words themselves are rather nonsensical. I dig the puns but they don't make a lick of sense put together like that... I say $4 without text, right now.


I htink this is lovely. I couldn't care what the name is. Further, knowing that it's a fantasy piece I don't think the cogs working properly are an issue. I also thikn the leaves are just the right accent.
I really like this.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

One of your best one's steven (still not fond of the text but for the rest it looks swell)

Big Ed

It DOES look like a Swatch, but that makes me want to buy it more.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

hahaha, ive been away for a week so I couldnt respond.

1. I just picked the first fruit that came to mind that rhymed with "machine"...sadly tangerine didnt pop in my head first...but the title isnt one will know it.

2. I wrote the quote...why has everything I said rhymed so far?

3. Thanks for all the support

4. Alli, yeah we have a mutual friend.


how very interesting .. i rather like it without the text , if only because the font looks sort of incongruous

5$ !


great design. quotes a bit lofty. i write too. so it's not a putdown. lofty means, to me, that your making people reach out to get the meaning....peace.


A Clockwork Orange is my only book/movie combo (besides High Fidelity) to make it in my top five.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback, again, everyone. I just made an alternate version in case this ever gets printed. It has thinner line weight on the leaves with rough/spikey edges like real leaves, and slightly larger text.

thanks again,

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