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Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

Not only do the hills have eyes, they have style, too!

(So I know I'm weird, but this is just endlessly funny to me. I hope you guys will like it, too.)


awww...they are so cute. nice job :)

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Here's the thing about not showing the artwork actually placed on the shirt: that always makes me think it looks terrible on the shirt. Why else wouldn't it be shown?

I like the bumpy dudes, but I think they'll look way too huge on the shirt (seeing an example would have either proved or disproved this). Also, I feel bad for the dude who got stuck wearing a solid color. Poor beatnik dude, I want him to look at the other bumps longingly.

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

I know mjoo hates it when you don't have the picture placed on the shirt, but I just wanted to do it the way I wanted to... and did - hee, hee ;)

I will have a picture of the bumps actually on a shirt on my Flickr page tonight, so if you want to see what that'll look like, please check back a little later.

Besides that, thank you for the nice comments! :)


Can I buy one of the shirts with just the word "placement" on it? :)

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

Stinker! ;)


The jade is nice.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This little piggy likes paisley, and this little lumpy likes roast beef with its plaid jumpsuit! Really cool placement and way you have sold five colors as about fifteen! 4$

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

Hmmm... other shirt colors? I think any light color would work since they have the brown outline. Maybe a simple natural would be best to show off all of the colors?

I still like him on green, though. :)

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I couldn't believe that paisly design was only 5 colors. Very clever.


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