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PUBE JOOLZ profile pic Artist

Ride your luggage bag around the world.


Great linework! Great illo! Great style! Perfect concept for comp! However, I think more colors would have made it even better. That orange looks gross to me. 4


Yeah... like a kid in a suitcase, Jeffrey Dahmer style. Really, not trying to be mean. That's what I thought was intended.


Unfortunately this reminds me of the Law and Order: SVU episode where they find a dead girl in a suitcase, so I wouldn't wear it.

wotto profile pic Alumni
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awesome 5

PUBE JOOLZ profile pic Artist

Heheh you guys are hilarious! Thanks for the feedback!


In 1990 I did a summer camp in Penn state and on the last day one of the kids locked another kid in his trunk and we had no key. It took us 20 minutes to get him out and he was going crazy. Good times.


It is cute but it really does look like a dead girl in a suitcase unfortunately.

PUBE JOOLZ profile pic Artist

Thanks for the time you've spent typing away comments!

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

I wouldn't wear that for a reason, there was a news recently here in our country about a dead girl inside a suitcase, and it would be very disturbing to wear that here since the crime's investigation is still going on, but your execution is great, you really are a good artist but this image is just too disturbing for me


well, I really liked the colors and the illustration. too bad.


wen one person atde top of de comments says its whole comments follow that direction and don see it wid an open mind...
y be so morose....

its a boy who fell asleep in a suitcase.

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