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lucky shirt

Design by swizz

lucky shirt by swizz on Threadless
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label profile pic Alumni

OMG! This looks just like the submission TESKO was going to submit....

label profile pic Alumni

I didn't see it until now but the concept is well executed. All of the lucky charms... but what is that guy with a flute like thing.. never seen it before..

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

that's pretty crazy how you both have similar idears..

i like this one too though :)


yeah it looks like the $ one

jublin profile pic Alumni

nice job with all of the lucky charms and junk. Oh wait. Did you put Lucky Charms (the cereal) in there? Still, great work.

Terry Citizen

i like this. not heaps fond of the tshirt colour options though.


yeah even though teskos has been in the blog for a few days, this one has been in the running for two days, and it had to go through threadless' screening process which can take a couple weeks, i think its just coincidence that the two are similar


I like that the theme is more focused in this one. I would definitely wear it cuz I love lucky charms. $5


Sorry, I hate the "look at me... I'm distressed!" look. It's just too Abercrombie for me.


I think SemantiTheft needs better glasses.

Very odd turn of events here, too bad they're both so good :(


I don't wear glasses, nor do I need them. You see all those little lines going across the image, as if it's been washed many many times? That's called "distressed."

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I like how neat/clean the images fit into the 7 shape.

very nice.

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