Lucky Froggy Bank

Design by KDLIG

Lucky Froggy Bank by KDLIG on Threadless
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KDLIG profile pic Artist

Inspired by a chinese feng shui lucky charm, wear it and you'll be lucky, hehehe, instead of laying eggs, it lays a golden coins,hehehe


because the coin is in his mouth it looks like he poops gold coins. I dunno if I'd wear it but the illustration is beautiful!

KDLIG profile pic Artist

you should wear it for luck,hehehe


"hehehe"?? What is so funny about this? I certainly do not see any greatness in this design.


yeah i agree with phillyphobic, looks like he's pooping that what you meant? I really like the way the frog is illustrated however!!

KDLIG profile pic Artist

If you try look'n in some encyclopedia books, you might find a picture of frogs laying eggs, and also try to see any chinese good luck charm figurines on frogs with coins on their mouth

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

the detail on the frog is awesome. the coins coming out his ass...not so much.


I agree with lunchboxbrain.


i like your style - i see much greatness in this

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

hell, i'd wear a shirt with a frog laying egg-coins. (shouldn't they be the same size ar the coin in his mouth though?) nice shading on the frog! $4

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