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morbid, but cool

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Hadn't been to defunker until just now, guess it is the same basic idea but I like mine better (I would wouldn't I), hope others do too.


Isnt' there another shirt on this site, or some other t-shirt site that's a lot like this one? D:


This would be really cool without the thought bubble. Just having a bunny with a pegleg is statement enough, spelling it out makes it less clever.


I agree that the text doesn't need to be there. It's cute, but it takes away from the bunny, and I think anyone who looked at the bunny twice would get it.

Very cool illustration, by the way. Love it.


Haha, I love it!

Maybe make the bubble lighter though, and the bunny a bit darker so you see the bubble first. I found it very funny, niiice.

I'd so buy this. Too bad I'm poor. :'(


Lose the text, we get it.


the shirt would be better without the text and just the image. They are competing to much.

NGee profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments, I've submitted a revised design which I hope will be up soon. Look out for it if you're interested. Cheers.

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