Luckiest T-Shirt Ever!

Design by ryeofcali


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This T-Shirt is guaranteed to bring you all the luck you ever desired. Luckification is guaranteed to begin the second you put on this lucky shirt, or your money back!

If you would like to gaze lovingly at a close up of this lucky Tee, please feel free to check my profile. Thanks!

Threadless will not give you your money back if the said lucky shirt has excessive sweat stains and/or nosebleed blood. However this would probably be unlikely because these sorts of things do not happen to lucky people.


I love the wishbone on the crutch :)

I love the cat scratching the 7, but am not so much into the slanty eyes on the cat or the clover's expression.

Still, GREAT work.


i need a lucky shirt

Ava Adore

great concept!


I like this, but i'm sure that horseshoes in "n" shape were unlucky as the luck would fall out the bottom...
But whatever, it still gets a $4 from me.


nope, the horseshoe is lucky because it's iron- it protects against fairies and the 'little people'.

It's old folklore tradition that it burns or even kills them.

the U shape is meaningless


hey wait where's the lucky sailors' placenta?


Whatever the original legend was, the idea around here is that you want to keep the horseshoe "U" shaped so all the luck doesn't pour out. =]

This is cute.


i love it 5$


Really cute design, though I'd like it better on a black tee than slate.

dacat profile pic Alumni

This is great, love the color choices too $5


The wishbone kills me. This would make an awesome kids' tee, especially. Nice work!

ryeofcali profile pic Artist

thanks everyone for your words of wisdom. I can honestly say I didn't know that Horseshoe Sue had to be upside down. I suppose in the event that this shirt is ever printed, then you would only have 7/8 good luck (which is still a good percentage). However, if you go and hang upside down from some monkey bars, then you will have achieved 100% good luck.

oh yeah, Utahbeach the kitty is the japanese Maneki neko--(Lucky cat). i'm sure you would recognize it if you googled it-they are really lucky to have around!


absolutely cute!! i will buy it!!


Its so cute. :D 5

liich profile pic Alumni


liich profile pic Alumni

okay, ate my message.....i said i loved this and would buy it for the star alone. i also enjoy muchly the wishbone. i would like to see this in other colour combinations such as brights or pastels. $5

herky profile pic Alumni

Cool concept and characters, the wishbone is hilarious. A definite must have T for Vegas, $5


I didn't know that Horseshoe Sue had to be upside down. I suppose in the event that this shirt is ever printed, then you would only have 7/8 good luck (which is still a good percentage).

No! You would have ZERO luck 'cause all your luck would have fallen out of the horseshoe. This is serious business in Kentucky because of all the horse people. Every barn has a horseshoe nailed over the door and I would sincerely not wear a shirt with an upsidedown horseshoe on it because everyone would constantly be telling me that the luck was running out.

ryeofcali profile pic Artist

So the upside down horseshoe is so powerful that it trumps the combined LUCK POWER SURGE provided by the shamrock, shooting star, winning wishbone, ladybug, lucky kitty, lucky 7, and wabbit's foot!??!? This is pure madness I tell you! But you may be on to something, cuz if you turn the seven upside down, it just becomes the letter "L". And since when is "L" luckY?
(no offense "L" lovers)


The upside down horseshoe is, in fact, that powerful ;-)

ryeofcali profile pic Artist

OK OK!!! So I flipped ole' Horseshoe Sue upside down (right side up?), and then gave her some purty cowgirl boots, and I gotta say, I like it so much better (cuz the boots---oh yeah and because it's kosher with all the above nay sayers too).

Thanks all for your helpful comments.


Bumped up your score for fixing the horseshoe :-)


The idea is interesting, but the shooting star design at the top reminds me of those PSAs on TV..."The More You Know." I couldn't wear it without having those notes playing over and over in my head.

Anyone else have those ladybugs that bite? We have 'em here in Michigan. They infest houses, pooping all over and making a mess. Not like the old-fashioned, sweet-tempered ladybugs we had as kids, that kept to themselves.

I would take out the rabbit's foot, as he had four of them and look where it got him. I'd add in a face-up penny instead, those are supposed to be lucky. I used to keep one on a keyring (still keep it in my car), it was uncanny how much luck that thing brought me.


LOOOL I would LOVE to have as much luck as possible =D

I really like the idea but I think all this luck-thingies look so... angry? XD If they'd look cuter I'd like it even more XD... so you get a 4 from me :)

ryeofcali profile pic Artist

sure thing Geek Grrrl!

Wee little people need all the luck they can get!

R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Alumni

Great idea! congrats on a reprint, but, you forgot the lucky japanese poop :P just a thought lol, oh and the Buddhas belly? lol

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