Lucas Let Me Down

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SuperPope profile pic Artist

I thought that would be too cliche'. I still wanted it to look original but not so much that you wouldn't get the joke.

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

I wasn't disappointed...then again, I am a nerd. :P May the Force be with you!

SuperPope profile pic Artist

Darthavok, thanks for the honest critique and scoring of a ZERO simply because you're willing to swallow anything George Lucas feeds you...

The movie disappointed me because it was boring, turned Vader into a pathetic baby killer, and didn't make me believe in his fall to the Dark Side. One second he's about to kill Palpatine as a traitor, the next second he's bowing at his feet.

But the most important thing to realize is this: MY SHIRT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY. Don't take Star Wars so seriously.


Ohhh, golly ... geee .... phewy!
I can't decide if I like it better your way or if I'd like it better revised with yellow and more cowbell. And indecision means that you should leave it as is.
Good shirt. I know lots of folk who would enjoy it.

SuperPope profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments, everybody.

This is not supposed to be a satire of the opening scroll in Star Wars movies. It is a satire of Star Wars logo as it appears on some T-shirts. For example, the one Ewan McGregor is wearing on the cover of Esquire this month.


Everything needs more cowbell!

SuperPope profile pic Artist

Agreed! :)

SuperPope profile pic Artist

I think many people who dislike Star Wars in general are doing it to buck the mainstream.

Personally, I love Star Wars. The reason I was disappointed with this one is simply because I waited more than 25 years to see the events mentioned in the original trilogy played out on screen, and they didn't live up to my expectations. That's all.


i think many people who dislike star wars do so due to plan ol' lack of interest.

/one of them


super pope and snowflakes, i totally agree with you. i love star wars so much, just this last movie was painfully crappy. the acting was plastic, as was the directing, and they spent far too much time on impressive special effects. the preview was better than the movie, because u didnt know what was happening. I was really looking forward to seeing exactly how Vader gets himself in such bad shape, but anikin's switch to the dark side didnt at all have me convinced. i tried my best to like the movie, but it just didnt get there for me; they had a huge budget and didnt do the right stuff with it.

but ya, i like the background in black or brown.

SuperPope profile pic Artist

Hmmm...I'm afraid my design isn't going to get a fair vote due to the biased votes of a few militant fanboys. Oh well. We'll just see what happens. :)

SuperPope profile pic Artist

Not the point. If you liked the movie, dont check that you'd buy it. But you should grade the design on its own merits.

At least that's my opinion. I've given 5s to shirts I wouldn't be caught dead wearing...

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