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who the hell would wear this... nice illustration .. but for fuck sake abused dog on my shirt??? no thanx.


haha pretty rad. Stop whinging its not a real dog.

staffell profile pic Alumni

LOL maddingo


you could get the same point across without the stabby objects

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

thanks to ToucanSam & Seannerz who can explain the message here.
thanks to joshamman who give me idea to add and less something on the next sub.
thanks to helo who tell me the cute frisbee site. But i can't remove the text,
thanks to SemantiTheft, maddingo, cinderwild, DaintyBuffalo, phones, staffel, jett, kirstenlovesdinner, girldust, mandylion77, drylndsurf, rudra, bulletsalvador who have various reactions.
thanks to the next guy who see, vote, give comment and scoring.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

you should have a chinese cook running after him, and put it in the extra tasty competition... hahaha

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

thanks to brokennightmare
thanks to jellorocks i ever have a dog but my dog was killed and die by my neighbour with poison.
thanks to Ellsswhere. Maybe i'll put in the contest. Just maybe.


awww poor puppy!!
nice illustration:)


ditto maddingo


(but the illustration is nice)


if he didn't have the corkscrew and the fork and the knife in his back, I'd probably wear it.
Otherwise, I'd look like a dog abuser.


It's well drawn but it does look a bit sadistic (and not in a good way).

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni



yeah, but what did the dog have to do to get the bikini top on him?
Or maybe it's my demented brain.


This is pretty funny. But yeah...the knife looks especially horrible, deep and spineward. But cool idea. And I agree that the frisbee is a bit odd looking.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

thanks to msm.
thanks novemberheat. It's true. But...when i draw this design, there is no a dog abuser. Ok,this is my reason why the knife, stab, corkscrew or fork in his back. Because he went through the kitchen, garden.
Thanks to Little Liana. Maybe no wound will be better. Right?
Thanks to cambert. But i love a dog too. I ever have a dog but my dog was killed and die by my neighbour with poison. Sorry, if it does look a bit sadistic. Sorry, guys!
Thanks to OlliRudi. Did you really laughing ?
Thanks to nancy kelpie. Yup! It would be better if it was just a mess, no wounds. You 're right! Ok, i try to draw better frisbee.
Thanks to Nelphi. Is execution weaker than concept? ohhhhh...
Thanks to magicfever. No wound. Yes mess.
Thanks to mizuchaud. The dog went through the bathroom.
Thanks to kjaydeck3. Yea...ya..ya...the weird frisbee.


I actually really like it! You cant see any blood, and he has had the pleasure in taking some woman's bikini top off so not all is bad! :D Maybe if the knife was lost and the corkscrew and fork stayed it'd be less "controversial". I love dogs but I love this! I see no problem, but I can think of a few friends who would hate me for wearing it. "Tough shit!" I'd say :D $5


if it wasnt for the FORKS in his back i think i would like it... but as is it just makes me very very sad

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

Thanks to Minsky. Yup,you're right. No blood here. There is just a pleasure with bikini top. Maybe the knife, corkscrew and fork will change to be something without wounds. I love dog too. I dedicate this design to all of dog in the world. Don't worry if your friend hate you cause youre different.
Thanks to GunstPfeil. He get the chinnesse food container without being caught and eat. I don't think that.
Thanks to Today♥Contradiction. Newspaper? Maybe will be good.
Thanks to this is justatest. I'm so sad.
Thanks to bonniebrett. No abuse i think.


the only thing i might change is taking the words off the frisbee and not having stab wounds, just have stuff tangled on him, that way it still sends the same message but is more... friendly

i love the illistration though, it is amazingly cute, very well done, i personlaly dont mind the stabs all that much, but just for a larger audience to appreciate it, take them out and you would have a winner :o)

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

Thanks to YuJiEun.OOOOh...:(
Thanks to Gromit. Yea...we know the decent tee.
Thanks to biticol. Where is the greatly insane? Mention it!
Thanks to rapidhopeloss. Your reason. I like it.
Thanks to Eternal Sunshine. It's your due to wear something.
Thanks to amp2345.
Thanks to Jen. Your think is like mine. For a bigger audience. You...all of you...i promise. I'll take the wounds off.

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

Lose the text :)


it's cute...
I get your reason for the knife/corkscrew/fork, but I'd hesistate to wear a shirt with a dog that's been stabbed on it out of fear of other people's misinterpretations. Maybe just the corkscrew in his back and a few more objects hanging off him instead -- it would keep the message and lose the sinister implications. Also, it looks like the design is a little bit too small. More detail on the disc might make it fit better.
Still, good idea and nice illustration -- $4

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

Maturnuwun kagem DrawingEvils. Thanks banget atas masukannya. Aku akan resub tanpa text. Thanks, ya brooooo.
Thanks to feinerthanall . Do you would buy something just for other people. Do you afraid if they attack you because they would get offended by your tshirt. Poor you.
Thanks to Jonasss. I like when you say knifes=gold. It's different. But...for all of the major people...more less stabs i would make on it.
I get 5 from you. Thanks.....
Thanks to jeff@threestarchina.
Thanks to kineylikes.Yes, you're right. Your count was correct. Five stabs wounds. I think i would add more thing funnier....like the bra :) on its back.
Thanks to AugustInNewYork.
Thanks to Untoen. For WEAR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING ! AMAZING
Thanks to no_reason. Sorry. I don't meant like that. Sorry, if it made you sad.
Thanks to jade_hu. "You would like to implore future designers : please stop the English text-Chinese text thing. please." Uhm... brainstorming for me.
Thanks to flourpower.Congrats! You get my reason for the knife/corkscrew/fork. Uhm yummy....really $4 ?
Thanks to Morsa. The best t-shirt I've seen in some weeks. 5*. Really?
Thanks to Unicornsareawesomex.
Thanks to byronabot. Yes, i see the vines would be better in another colour.
Thanks to AlyKk., could it use more blood, guts, and gore?

Oh yeaaaaa....

sorry it's too late
Thanks to rockketsauce. Sorry, if the stabs made you sad. Do you think i have a lot of talent? I'm flatterd now :)


That is totally disgusting. I would never wear it and I wouldn't talk to anyone who was wearing it except to tell them they are a @#!$ing idiot. Poor doggy. There is talent in this design but maybe use your powers for good, not evil! Okay, okay - I KNOW your message here is "dogs r great" but it's just toooo cruel to look at. Ya know?

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

so wrong it's right, $5.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

Thanks DeadPoetic Underoath. Uhm....i like your 5$. CONGRATS! Your design titled "My Life Is A Game" was print.
Thanks Jus A Rascal.
Thanks again OlliRudi. At last, $5 too.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist


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