Low Rider

Design by Ava Adore

Low Rider by Ava Adore on Threadless
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Ava Adore
Ava Adore profile pic Artist

i do illustrate,
i thought i just do a couple


the problem using the photoshop cutout filter is you can't control the amount of different colors from the image....definitely more than 4 colors.

Ava Adore
Ava Adore profile pic Artist

yeh well. thanks for the input
i wont do these type of designs, and stay with illustrating. :) :)


I totally agree with Drip Co.!!! But disagree with RAZZ007. Because you can control the amount of colours if you desaturate the image, then drop colour in after u apply the cutout filter....why am I giving away secrets?

I like the car but it needs a different approach to the composition.

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