Low Poly Jesus

Design by ryanperkins

Low Poly Jesus by ryanperkins on Threadless
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I actually really like this. Personally Im not a fan of that mustard yellow color on many people, as it looks real crap on certain skin tones BUT I really like the graphic enough that I gave it a 5. You took inspiration from one of those over produced 80's prints of Jesus in the Garden praying -- with a huge cast of light blasting down on him.. THANK you for bringing it to a contemporary level..


Love the original creative work on " low poly Jesus"!


Nicely done. You have been scored my friend! ^(;,;)^

ryanperkins profile pic Artist

drumsticksandpaintbrushes- Thanks for the kind comments. I actually agree with you about the mustard yellow, after I submitted it I wished I could have changed it to purple or red. Is there a way to change the shirt color at this point?

ryanperkins profile pic Artist

Thanks to everyone for the scores and kind words!


This is pretty wonderful.. please make it to print. 5!

ellygeh profile pic Alumni

I'd wear this one! Really awesome!

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