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abeadle profile pic Alumni

So precious $5

Luke... profile pic Artist

this one is admitidly for the ladies...
[i have another design aimed at the dudes in the works]


damn you and your cute pink tootsies! :)

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

oh this is so cute and well done!! 5

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

im so bad at bowling

mikemills profile pic Alumni

That's awful cute, Luke ; ) Nicely drawn.

The Ending

great work! 5

mezo profile pic Alumni

That bowling ball is perverted!

Luke... profile pic Artist

why yes, "mezo", all bowling balls are perverted...didnt you know?
and yes, "frenchfryspy", it can easily be printed larger.


It's a good design... but I can't help but feel I'll see it any second at American Eagle.

Luke... profile pic Artist

haha, i am going to assume that the "EEEEEEEEEEE!" is a gleeful squeal of enjoyment with the design...
[and dont anybody tell me otherwise, cause i'm not listenning, lalala, i cant hear you, lalala]

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

I was tryng to figure out a way to use an armadillo in a design. Now I don't have to. Well done.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

turned out nice luke

Luke... profile pic Artist

okay here is the "concept story":

armadillos roll up into a ball.
if one of these cute little armadillos rolled their way into a bowling alley, it just may become enamored with a burly bowling ball. [or vice-versa]
now if that bowling alley were named, puntasticly, "Lover's Lanes" [run by none other than Stan Lover-fictional character for the purposes of this design and story], if the alley had this great punnerific name, maybe those 2 little anthropomorphized cuties could 'spare' a few moments together symbolically.
now maybe the bowling ball is perverted, or maybe just thinking of his true lover: the 'turkey'.
and maybe the armadillo has mistaken love for a bowling ball, or maybe it has just molested, or been molested by, that great big-blue bowling ball.

or perhaps i just really want to see someone name their bowling lane: "Lover's Lanes"
and maybe i just thought that the perfect fun valentines would be to goof off at a bowling lane.
or perhaps i have unpure thoughts about armadillos or bowling balls...
or maybe i am just crazy and this design/illustration is dumb.


this sub should have done much better.

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