lovely martina

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lovely martina by joshuaD on Threadless
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from far away it vaguely resembles pam anderson... minus the boobs

Monkey II
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I love the cheap sexiness of it, and how it's completely unrealistic. It just looks cool. She's obviously a whore. And I love it.


LikitySam - This design follows the alcohol theme because it's for the Extra Tasty! competition. Next time, pay attention before you spout off.


^Thank you! I'm glad someone else sees my point!


I find it funny that many are attacking this shirt for having a skank, whore, etc on it, but everyone absolutely loved the shirt with a woman bathing in a wheelbarrow... at least this one doesn't have her breast popping out. I was disgusted by that. This shirt doesn't offend me at all... I see it as a glass, not a person.

This is hardly the first shirt that uses a woman in a seductive way... and there have been many worse ones that no one seemed bothered by.


Not a fan of the booze tees.

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wow, shitty comments. personally i like skanks and cheap sex, i'd wear it. these people who argue against the physical impossibility or the objectification of women must be bland indeed.

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