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Loved & Lost by FoodStampDavis on Threadless
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AHAHAHAH!!! Genius!! 5!


Nothing to say but - YEAH! :D


hahah ...5


Haha, great idea!


ha, good idea. if your profile pic is your artwork, sub that too. I'd wear it.

Jillian knows what she's talking about. One time she helped me with apples.


... looks like quoting didn't work other than in the preview. So there's that.


Great design! Hope it gets printed would love to wear it!!!


5 for sure, great design... would love the shirt / phone case!


Awwwwww :)

Resistance profile pic Alumni



funny stuff i'd like for my phone


Maybe I´ll get one of these mobile phone thing..I ment:BE SURE i will. Loooks like a perfect Inspector<3 gadget for taking a photo of MIster and MIsses Humblebee. fireants. worthwhile. What brings me to you´re design: welp I most definitely LOVE Stargate, what comes to your design ... well it's very intriguing. It is very cerebral and doesn't open to understanding very easily. I like the over all idea of it, I just wish it had a little more universal message. Reeely? go on and pleeease share your thoughts.. you're the guy from the Hamburger Train, right? sub it:) buttfug: Thanks for the description - prob is I'm still struggling to get it. It really feels like something way too personal to be successful. I love you anyway! butt: sure thing pal. Thanks bro. You are the best555!..I ment BeanePod.. you AND your athletic feeet! Hey Basti (555YolandiDontdoit) Keep Calm... i think u should let the text "JUSTINDONTDOIT" out...


definite print

big baller:).._

pee ass..: Please have a loook after Mushbot Mayble, she´s old but she fly 5 me!

Wat de fug my dear;)yap.deer.<or>come naked wit some beeer mang.

If a rose could talk:).

WhatAwonderfull Worlds.

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