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The Big Lifeplay you can win only with Hearts. 1st - for the Love 2nd- for the Pencil 3rd- for the Music 4th- for the Lemon 5th- for the E-mail 6th, 7th, 8th- for the Soccer, Snow and Bike 9th for the Smile 10th for the World

Good luck :)

dampa profile pic Alumni
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it's nice, how you put all the things you loved on shirt:)

Smelynai profile pic Artist

woohoo! it's up! :)


You got me with the soccer ball heart and number 10, almost seems like a soccer (football) jersey (kit).


oh, sorry, I was too late...:(

Smelynai profile pic Artist

:( It's sad to know my design is not worth to be here at least for one week. It was scored by 216 people in one day and it's dropped out. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome! They say- try promote it when you sub. Oh yeah, could I start today? They say- don't give up... Oh yeah, it's easy now.

Thank's for all commenters and scorers anyway. And... good luck.

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