Love under the moon

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Love under the moon by nes-k on Threadless
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I don't like those swirly things. It would look a lot cleaner without them.


Assymetrical curliques would be hot, too.

Like this. Lots. Very cool.


Is she making out with a ninja?


i'd like if you gave the people a little more definition; it took reading the comments and staring at it for a minute to realize that the guy's just a sillhouette. i thought that the chunk of 'flesh color' in front of the girl's hair was the guy's face, and that his actual face was his hair. also, it took me a while to realize that the darker color on the girl was a dress, and not shading on her naked body. you might want to make that not flesh-toned.

but i'd still buy it in a second. 5$

nes-k profile pic Artist

Thx for all your comments : )

mezo profile pic Alumni

This could be RELLY nice with several changes on the figures' proportions. The dude (of course) needs chin surgery & his arms seem too short/hands seems too small. The ladys' legs & feet are not quite right unless she's made of rubber from the waist down. Her hands look like boxing gloves...

The colors & swirls in the moon are great- don't change that at all!


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