Love to Hate

Design by patperry23

Love to Hate by patperry23 on Threadless
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This appears to have a literal meaning and I think you are saying that you love war and death.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

yeah.. although the style is super and it's clearly well done i could not wear this.


one of my favorite designers for sure, the only heart design ive scoreed more than a 1


If you're trying to give an impression of non-violence, perhaps you could find a way make this into more of a literal sculpture--something made of items that simply have no other use. Maybe a inconspicuous character putting the final touches on it with a welding torch. Anything to remove the threat of the weapons would make things a little clearer.


I think this needs to be a bit larger and centered on the shirt, but this is really an appropriate and thought-provoking piece.


popochkoff needs a shrink , or put him in Baghdad for an hour.
Ironically rad design - reveals some sad truth about our world today


5! This is a very deep image. The more i look at this design I think of how the human heart is
originally innocent of the crimes of humanity, then as we grow, our hearts become filled with violent images through reality, the media, and many sources all around us. So our hearts are actually the victims of outside influences which seem to be beyond our control...... BUT, it is up to us individually to each CONTROL what we allow to reside in our own hearts..... that is the true test of our humane-ness and maturity . Anyway, that's what this design says to me.

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