Love really is complicated....

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Love really is complicated.... by jhelton8 on Threadless
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Yeah - how about a girl standing in her bra, in profile, and a guy behind her trying to undo it, but approaching it like a safe cracker, with a bag of tooks at his feet.

Nobody wants to walk around with a big bra on their shirt - especially not a big ugly white bra like this.


I don't think it needs the title, the picture works on its own, but I would never wear anything like that. Big ugly white bra. Why would any girl want to act like she wears a bra like that? Maybe something like what thebaddestrobot or 13strong said... a girl facing away, and a guy behind her with a bag of tools trying to undo it... but with the girl wearing a nicer bra than that. :)


i agree that you don't need the title to understand it. as long as you can see the back of the shirt. but put a jacket on, and then you're just a weirdo wearing your grandma's bra on your t-shirt.


I disagree with Kate.G - the graphic works fine without the title. As far as all the other suggestions go... sounds like they want a total change-up. I wouldn't bother. Too much work for less impact.


gah ugliest bra ever
that's just bad

are you trying to get into the bra of like a grandma?
bc if that's a grandma's bra then it should stay padlocked.


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See. The thing is. The illustration is technically good. But I can see it, instead, on a tag for a bra. And not as a huge graphic on a unisex shirt. I mean....SERIOUSLY. Think about it. 2


good attempt at something but why would i wear a bra on my shirt when i am already wearing one underneath it? and why would a guy, any guy want to wear their grannies bra?


haha i wouldn't wear it.


That is a really frumpy bra. I think that frumphy/grandmotherly-ness of the bra takes away from what you are trying to do.


valueable women treasure!!!!!!
Funny stuff...

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