Love... or Lunch?

Design by maggock

Love... or Lunch? by maggock on Threadless
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She Says So

adore those tenticles.


Love the use of colours (on both templates).



really great, but there definetly is some problems with the guy, but its still great!

d3d profile pic Alumni

that looks like something that would get printed to me. nice job.

badnobe profile pic Alumni
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really nice!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Hey did you add a little butt like I said or am i seeing things? I think this turned out very nicely even though I cant wear purple. You get yourself a 4.


This is really awesome. I like all the tentacles -- less tentacles wouldn't give you as much of the monster feel. I love the little details, from the grass to the clouds to the hair -- it's all really great!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Very nice work! It's a good overall illustration and I like your use of colours. Nice work on the tentacles and good use of negative space. Would wear this on black, navy or brown. Good luck!!


Very nice and I would wear either colourway $5


Wow! very cool.
I think its lunch at first sight.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Nice work. Especially on fixing the boobelbow. I LOVE the colours on the maroon shirt. I'd definitely buy that. $4


The guy reminds me of Puck.

Anyway, I'm glad to see this finally up for scoring. It looks great.


Very, very, very beautiful.


i absolutely love. i can't even pick a color i like. wonderful. love.


This is awesome. I'm really digging the purple, though I'd love to see it in blues, too. 5$


i want this shirt today! $5


i think it might look better with fewer, better defined tentacles


very aesthetically pleasing. i'd buy at least a gajillion.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Purple is the way to go. Nice.


The colors are just spledid!


are you aloud to re-submit? ecuase you should def. re-submit this one! how sad!

i want it so bad why can't i have it??? 3.01 is better than a lot of stuff that has been printed. maybe i don't spend enough money to please the threadless gods? but i want to pls tell me how!

hehee. pls pls make my print dreams come true. for all the ones i've said i'd buy, this is the one i want mostest. i would buy in both colors even, except i can't wear girly sizes cuz i'm not a girly sized lady. i still bought puppet ballet though. and when $10 sales happen i even buy stuff i won't really wear, just because they're neat! sigh. see i want this so much i am rambling. la la la. if only i could make them print by the sheer forcefulness of my rant rant rant. /rant

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