love is an illusion

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I'm guessing the cat is lying on its back so the heart must be its balls. I hope that's what it is, anyway :-)


i wouldn't wear this


This is absolutely brilliant...except for the kitty crotch. That's just a little bit gross. Change that little bit and this gets a $5.


wow, depressing


I don't know if you meant that as a joke but I laughed like crazy.
Why is the cat on it's back in the first place?
is it dead?


yeah, no heart crotch/vagina/balls/whatever - I would even take out the skull too, its kinda over done. And the color - eh, no grey. Otherwise, not bad.


first i decided to unanswer the questions and comments about the crotch thing...but i think thats the answer to all of the questions,thank you for your comment QuikPique...i wanna tell something to all of you...designing is the way of describing my thoughts to all of you...this designs name is 'love is an illusion' and i wanna describe my feelings,my view,my perspective about love...i wanna describe the sexual view of the love with the crotch thing...if you look closer all around , you can see the love every where even in a cats balls...please show respect and open your mind for new ideas...

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