Love In Suspension

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Love In Suspension by fhigi25 on Threadless
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fhigi25 profile pic Artist

Love is in the Air.

The Bird symbolizes the Man, and the Rose- the Woman
The fruits or the berries symbolizes their love child or children in this case. The red drips from the Bird's beak and the Rose symbolizes their attraction towards one another.

What do you think?

ndikol profile pic Alumni



The way the guys body is drawn is bothering me.


^ Yeah, I think he has too many abs.


body proportions are really screwy... it's either trying to be realistic, or it's not... it's a no for me.


Hrm your anatomy is off on the man's stomach, that's why it looks odd. There are a specific number of possible ab lines. Search for images of rectus abdominis.


Er, might want to throw the word "muscle" after that to avoid having to see any surgeries lol.

Ars Fera

I went back to your original submission of this to see what was different.
I like the bird a lot, the colors are beautiful, along with the rose
The people look better, but are still slightly off, I say you look up pictures of people on the internet just to see how they're shaped.

If you choose to remake this again (which once again I encourage if this isn't printed because I love this idea)
Tweak the people a little
I don't really like the foliage stuff in there, it looks cool but I think it adds a lot of distraction, and I liked the colors being mostly black and white and then splashes of red everywhere

Other than that, this is a great design, I love it and I think you should continue with it

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