Love in sale

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Love in sale by rabodnube on Threadless
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VaVa Pie


Ars Fera

Ah this looks cool! Great job on your design :)
I think I like the blue design better

Tian Lubis

nice's on sale .....poor fellow


Thanks for the comment! I agree with Goribabee - I like the blue but the red makes more sense, otherwise the blue one could be on sale because it's not the normal heart color, you know? It's such a cute design though!

Resistance profile pic Alumni

thanks for the comment and the vote! just don't leave links on other people's designs unless you are in the critique forum, people will get mad :)


Simple and striking, I like it. As much as I like the blue version, I can't get around the idea that the heart should be red...Maybe a mix. Have just the heart be red, and everything else - the cart, the sticker - in the blue color scheme.

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

yeah i got the same feeling as Shok. Maybe have a red heart with the blue as a shadow to give it more depth? I actually prefer the blue version but tmhchevelle is right that the heart needs to be a brighter colour to make it positive. Otherwise its quite melancholy.

But nice illustration and nice simple lines too.


I think this would really look great on an orange tee. Watchu think?


thanks for the critique on mine

i like the blue heart but agree with pakpandir about it should be the positive element. id try it on dark grey


very cool! ;)

airobit profile pic Alumni

like it

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