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Love Handles

Design by NomadSlim

Love Handles by NomadSlim on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I actually think the idea would be waaay better without the text. Having better designed handles with perhaps a heart gently engraved into the middle section of them for the "love" part might be a better tee design. Or the text being "I (HEART) Handles."

NomadSlim profile pic Artist

I had considered both suggestions actually. But thought that handles only with any heart shapes would just simply not sell to guys. I think it needs some sort of text to be successful here. It's such a fine balance.

Hi my name is

Sorry, I wouldn't buy it. All of my shirts already have love handles.


PArt of the problem I'm having with the handles is that they don't look like they actually come up off the shirt. Maybe a drop shadow or something would help?

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