Love Endures Forever

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Love Endures Forever by artbrains on Threadless
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I'd buy on slate for the ladies.


That was such a crazy story. I like that it's not a huge all over design. Me gusta mucho!


Awesome design. Good on grey or black.


Very nice, and nicely done. $5.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Eastpak did it once in a campaign before they found skeletons. That's not really true, cause they found people in this position centuries ago too. Who knows^^ -- It would make a good shirt!


This would make such a great shirt. As grouchy as I am about all the skulls and skeleton submissions here, this is gorgeous. I'd love to wear this on the dark gray. I'd like it more if the design was centered, though. Some things look great off to the side, some things look like they were misprinted. This seems to need centering, but maybe that's just my old-fashioned perception. At any rate, if Threadless prints this, I'll be compelled to buy it, and one for my best friend who will love it just as much as I do.

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