Love At First Cell Tower

Design by thespence

Love At First Cell Tower by thespence on Threadless
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thespence profile pic Artist

The first thing that popped into my head when I thought of technology and nature getting along was many trips up to Big Bear where you can see several cell towers disguised as pine trees. Love at first cell tower :)



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, super stylized fun times, it's a nice "mistaken love" idea to make into a tee. Maybe centered on the tee and making the cell phone towers a bit more obvious to what it is, possibly an antennae coming out on top as well and a non-silhouetted man facing forward so people can see the phone in his hand. Otherwise, good times and i really like the female tree hiking up her tree skirt.


What if the tree just falls in love with the cell tower even though it's not "undercover"?

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