Lost Opportunity

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Lost Opportunity by bogoio on Threadless
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mmmmmm, nahh


seems like such a waste, kinda pointless on a shirt, they should just give out lotto cards... interesting idea though


I dont think the shirt would be that funny if it was a looser. Because there are like 21512907512093 lotto tickets in the garbage that are loosers already. Its only funny if the one in there is a winner.


I don't really get it.


great idea, man! But yea, I agree that the trash can is not appealing. What if you just have a kitschy lotto ticket in the middle...your choice who gets to scratch it...would all be winners though...then they would ask what did I win? then is up to you to tell them...then...ok, thats it. Good idea!


great concept.


It's not really unfair if it was voted that way. When you put up your shirt, of course you're going to think it's unfair. When you put it up, you're allowing people to comment. I commented saying "I didn't get it," you don't have to go around insulting peoples designs like you did with me. I want to be peaceful, try to accept people's opinions. It's for the better anyways, isn't it?

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

I have to agree with bogoio, I think this score is way too low! It's a cool idea and I dig the colors and the way it's illustrated.

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